Flowering Plants

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An important milestone in the evolution history was Flowers! The plants at the beginning were not producing flowers as some still do it even today. Some plants evolved to produce special reproductive structures called flowers and eventually ended up in producing fruits with seeds in them. This evolution in particular is the most ingenious ways for a plant to reproduce. They started producing delicious fruits in order to lure their dispersing agents (Animals and Birds obviously!) which eat them and disperse the seeds far away from the mother plant.

There are eight main groups of the Angiosperms (Flowering Plants) as,

  • Amborella
  • Nymphaeales
  • Austrobaileyales
  • Chloranthales
  • Magnoliids
  • Monocots
  • Ceratophyllum
  • Eudicots

The Angiosperms are very diverse and we’ll emphasize Monocots and Dicots here.