Modifications of Roots

Modifications of Roots The Root system is an essential part of the plant. It serves many purposes like anchoring the plant in the soil, helps in getting it the water and nutrients it needs and sometimes, storing the excess of food that the leaves produce which would be used in
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The Root System

The root system is the most important parts of the plant because, they do several important functions in silence. We never get to see them at all in most cases. We seldom know how majesty they are in their size. The we look at a tree, we just see and
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Arrangement of Leaves on Stem

Arrangement of leaves on a stem is called as Phyllotaxy. There are several methods that plants use to arrange leaves on their stem. It is basically 4 ways as, Alternate In this arrangement, leaves are arranged alternatively on the stem with one leaf per node in a straight line. Breynia
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Types of Compound Leaves

Introduction Leaves occur in various arrangements in plants. All plants seem to have leaves on branches to normal folks. We, botanists, should see it differently though. Many plants have several leaves in a branch called leaflets and the whole branch is called a leaf! These are called compound leaves. So
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Modifications of Leaves

Plants have changed themselves to adapt to their environment in excellent ways. One of them is the modifications of leaves. The leaves of several plants get modified into different forms based on the plant's purpose and environment. Let's have a look at some of these beautiful modifications here, Spines In
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Life cycle of Ferns

Ferns are just wonderful plants that we see in our daily lives. They live a secret reproductive life that is not visible to us unless we have a keen observation. This is because, they do not produce bright flowers or attractive fruits as the angiosperms do. They just produce spores
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