Globba sessiliflora

Globba sessiliflora

In the enchanting world of botanical wonders, the Swan Flower, scientifically known as Globba sessiliflora, stands out as a captivating and delicate species.

Globba sessiliflora habit

Globba sessiliflora habit

Globba sessiliflora, also referred to as the Swan Flower, is a tropical and subtropical plant native to Southeast Asia, particularly Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. The common name “Swan Flower” derives from the uncanny resemblance of its flowers to the elegant necks of swans.

Globba sessiliflora inflorescence

Globba sessiliflora typically grows from rhizomes, which are underground stems. The plant forms clumps and can reach heights of 1 to 2 feet.

Globba sessiliflora habit

The plant’s leaves are long, lance-shaped, and feature an attractive dark green color. The leaves grow in pairs along the stem, creating a striking visual effect.

Globba sessiliflora leaves

The flowers are primarily small and tubular, but the most captivating part of the plant is the unique, pure white, or pale pink bracts that encase the flowers. These bracts extend outward, creating the graceful swan-like appearance.

Globba sessiliflora flower closeup

Globba sessiliflora flowers

Globba sessiliflora has historical significance in traditional medicine and culinary practices. In various Southeast Asian cultures, parts of this plant have been used for their potential medicinal properties and as a culinary ingredient.

Globba sessiliflora inflorescence closeup

Globba sessiliflora fruits

Globba sessiliflora habit vertical

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